Il Camion dei Pompieri

Toy car
Date of appearance: April 2010
Trademark: TobeUs
Collection: TobeUs Limited Edition
Designer: Italo Lupi
Manufacturer: Mastro Giovanni
Made in: Brianza, Italy
Quantity: 99
Introductory price: €98
Dimensions: 160 × 85 × 75 mm
Weight: 326 g
Materials: cedar of Lebanon, mahogany
Tags: tobeus, italolupi

Il Camion dei Pompieri toy car designed by Italo Lupi is a part of TobeUs Limited Edition collection, arranged by Italian designer Matteo Ragni. Each toy car of the collection Limited Edition is marked and numbered. Italo Lupi says about the car: "When we are children many of us would like to be firemen, so many more would like to be policemen, almost no one the Pope. Moreover, the firemen have the beauty of their truck (…more in England and in the United States than in Italy), their bright red, the high pitch of the sirens. In a world where all the cars and trucks tend to be the same, the firemen’s truck seems to be strongly different."

Il Camion dei Pompieri
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