Super Ringtone

Ring Modulator
Date of appearance: 2013
Trademark: ZVEX
Weight: g
Tags: nominee

Crazy tones in this one-of-a-kind ring modulator. The Z-Vex Super Ringtone II features a tap tempo, MIDI in and thru for sync, expression pedal ports, glissando control between sequence steps, a hold feature. and the ability to choose between 16 steps in the sequence to accommodate any time signature. Anything from hypnotic subtle detuning to aliens fighting their way out of a metal trashcan reside in this beautifully constructed pedal. Features 16 step sequenced ring modulator Division and delta control Glissando control First-rate sound quality Internal pots control Dry/Wet mix and the range of pitch for the ring modulation Powered by a 9VDC BOSS style center negative 100mA adapter. A 9V battery may also be used but not for long due to high power usage. 1 year warranty, 2 with registration

Super Ringtone