Spic and Span

Date of appearance: 1998 — 2005
Trademark: Procter & Gamble
Made in: USA
Weight: g
Chemical form: liquid
Tags: cleaners, packaging, floorcleaner, nominee, featured

Procter & Gamble 02011 Spic and Span Floor and Multi-Surface Liquid Cleaner - 45 (3 oz.) Pouches / Case Procter & Gamble's 02011 Spic and Span floor and multi-surface cleaner cuts tough grease on your kitchen's quarry tile floors! Its dual-surfactant system emulsifies greasy soils and suspends them so that they can be removed, quickly and easily. And, the convenient liquid formula comes pre-portioned in individual-use packets, ensuring you use just the right amount, every time. Not only is Spic and Span floor and multi-surface cleaner great for use on floors, but it's also perfect for use on walls, tables, food-contact surfaces, and in restrooms. The high builder level helps to remove grimy, tracked-in dirt, and delivers excellent cleaning in hardwater areas. At the same time, the non-corrosive, mildly-alkaline formula works to balance tough cleaning power with employee safety, and the fresh scent ensures a pleasant odor. Can be used with chlorine bleach. Classified by UNDERWRITERS LABORATORIES INC., as to slip resistance only 43R9. UL. Made in America. Sold 45 (3 oz.) packets per case.

Spic and Span