Spic and Span

Date of appearance: 1999
Trademark: Procter & Gamble
Made in: USA
Weight: g
Chemical form: powder
Tags: cleaners, nominee

Procter & Gamble 31973 Spic and Span All Purpose Powder Cleaner - 12 (27 oz.) Boxes / Case Quickly and easily clean floors, walls, woodwork, bathtubs, sinks, tile, and more, with Procter & Gamble's 31973 Spic and Span all purpose powder cleaner! This versatile hard-surface cleaner is formulated with ingredients that help to soften water and to remove tracked-in dirt. It's classified as a high-builder formula with low to medium sudsing. Plus, it contains no phosphates. Procter & Gamble's 31973 Spic and Span all purpose powder cleaner is designed to be used concentrated (2 cups per 4 gallons) with added ammonia, for stripping wax and for other tough jobs. When diluted (1 cup per 4 gallons), it's perfect for use on non-waxed floors, walls, tubs, and tiles. This all purpose cleaner comes in the form of a light gray powder made with calcium carbonate, sodium percarbonate, and sodium carbonate. While it is non-hazardous when used correctly, it should be stored away from food, beverages, or ingredients. This cleaner should be kept in a cool, dry environment that is well-ventilated and protected from extreme heat. Rubber gloves may be necessary for prolonged contact, especially for those with sensitive skin. Made in America. Sold 12 (27 oz.) boxes per case.

Spic and Span