Scoth-Brite 700CC

Date of appearance: 2014
Trademark: 3M
Made in: USA
Weight: g
Chemical form: liquid
Tags: cleaningchemicals

3M 700CC Scotch-Brite 3.2 oz. Liquid Griddle Quick Clean Packet - 40 / Case As part of the renowned Scotch-Brite Quick Clean griddle cleaning system, this 3M 700CC Scotch-Brite liquid griddle Quick Clean packet is just what you need to keep your griddle clean throughout the day and at the end of a busy shift! Conveniently portioned into a 3.2 oz. packet, this cleaner quickly loosens and lifts baked-on food and grease off of medium-hot griddles to shorten cooldown time. Simply spread the contents of a single packet across the cooking surface with a griddle pad to scour away burnt-on soil, and then move the liquid into the grease trough; no rinsing necessary! It does not contain caustic soda or potash. Made in America. Green Seal Certified. For more information on specific chemical ingredients and safe handling procedures, please refer to the SDS. Sold (40) 3.2 oz. packets per case.

Scoth-Brite 700CC