SI5500 Saf-T-Ice

Ice scoop
Date of appearance: 2000 — 2014
Trademark: san jamar
Dimensions: 3 × 5 in
Weight: g
Materials: plastic
Colors: blue
Capacity: 6 - 10 oz.

San Jamar SI5500 Saf-T-Ice 6-10 oz. Food Safe Ice Scoop Protect ice from dangerous contact with knuckles and thumbs while scooping and serving with this San Jamar SI5500 6-10 oz. ice scoop! Featuring a domed shape, this scoop allows for faster and more accurate ice serving since the shape will funnel the ice into the cup, bucket, or other carrying device. This scoop prevents hand contact with ice or other foods during use. Its ergonomically shaped handle also provides outstanding balance and comfort. Two "Germ Guards" also protect food from thumb and knuckle contact. This essential HACCP tool reduces operator risk by preventing practices that cause food borne illnesses. Use of this safety scoop demonstrates a positive image in sanitation and safe food handling. Polycarbonate constructed, this scoop ensures ultimate durability and stability. Dishwasher safe, you can quickly and easily clean your scoop after use or when required! NSF Listed.

SI5500 Saf-T-Ice