Pioneer Manned Spaceflights Thru 1966.

Date of appearance: 1966
Made in: USA
Weight: g
Tags: space,

THE SPACE RACE—WHO IS AHEAD? SIGNED BY TEN ASTRONAUTS. "Pioneer Manned Spaceflights Thru 1966." Large color photolithograph issued by McDonnell Aircraft Corporation, 17 x 21 1/2 inches. A caption below the red title reads: "Mercury and Gemini manufactured for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration by MCDONNELL." A vivid graphic representation of the "Space Race" as of 1966. The columns define the launch date and spacecraft name, astronauts or cosmonauts, firsts and significance of the flight, altitude, flight time, distance traveled and orbits. The right-most column has either a full color United States flag or USSR Hammer and Sickle to represent the appropriate country. Drawings of a Mercury, Gemini, or Vostok identify the space vehicles flown and their placement to the right and away from the second column represents the relative duration of each mission. Flight events such as spacewalks, rendezvous, and dockings are drawn with their respective mission. SIGNED next to their Mercury spacecraft drawing by WALLY SCHIRRA, SCOTT CARPENTER, and GORDON COOPER. SIGNED next to their Gemini spacecraft(s) drawing by GORDON COOPER, CHARLES CONRAD, WALLY SCHIRRA, TOM STAFFORD (twice), CHARLES CONRAD, RICHARD GORDON, and BUZZ ALDRIN.

Pioneer Manned Spaceflights Thru 1966.