Dual-Blade Left-Handed

Date of appearance: 2014 — 2015
Trademark: Tribord
Product code: 8337613
Weight: g

Dimensions Wing length: 18 and 20 cm Dual-blade injected polypropylene boomerang. Thickness: 4 mm Shape Asymmetrical dual-blade "Hook" shape. HOLD BY THE CURVED BLADE How to launch a boomerang THROW THE BOOMERANG WITH THE COLOURED SIDE VISIBLE - COLOURED SIDE FACING YOU. HOLD THE CURVED BLADE. Position yourself facing the wind. turn 45° to the left (if you are left-handed) or to the right (if you are right-handed) POSITION THE BOOMERANG SO THAT IT'S PERPENDICULAR TO THE GROUND Tilt the boomerang by around 45 degrees. (This model needs to be thrown flatter than the other boomerangs in the range) If the boomerang does not go high enough, gently bend the right or left blade upwards Features An asymmetric dual-blade "Hook" boomerang with a range of approximately 30 metres. A slow and majestic elliptical trajectory. The boomerang is thrown by the leading blade (the curved blade) pinched at the blade tip. This dual-blade boomerang requires little force when thrown, it will then naturally ride the wind. This boomerang must be thrown at more of an angle, at around 45 degrees.

Dual-Blade Left-Handed