946 Ricordo Italiano

Date of appearance: 2013
Trademark: Vespa, Piaggio
Product Line: Vespa 946
Manufacturer: Piaggio & Co. SpA
Made in: Italy
Weight: 146 kg
Colors: white, chrome
Tags: vespa, 946, piaggio

The 946 is a pure and complete re-imagination of the Vespa scooter. Rather than build upon their current designs, Vespa looked way back to 1946 (hence the name) to the original wasp concept, and worked from there to create this scooter. Rather than develop a mainstream model, Vespa crafted a flagship design to inspire future models and generations in the same way the original Vespa did. The result is the 946 - a remarkable new concept of what it means to be a Vespa in the 21st century. The 946 was first shown in fall 2011 at the EICMA show badged as the Quarantasei. This new model starts from the premise that cost is no object (and hopefully for buyers it isn’t). It asks what a scooter should be, and then pursues that in every way possible. It’s dramatic in both style and substance, with more new technology in one model than Vespa has added in the past decade. Technological advances include ABS, LED headlamp, LCD display, traction control, partial aluminum construction, front and rear disc brakes and hand sewn leather.

946 Ricordo Italiano
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