Date of appearance: 2011
Trademark: Coca-cola
Volume: 250 ml
Materials: glass
Tags: glassbottle

Nab yourself a piece of timeless memorabilia with this Exclusive to Selfridges original Coca–Cola bottle. In celebration of Coca–Cola's 125th year anniversary, the very first vintage Coca–Cola bottle–the Hutchinson–has been reproduced. This collector's item comes in a special anniversary box. ----- Selfridges is exclusively selling the original Coca-Cola Hutchinson glass bottle design to celebrate Coca-Cola’s 125th anniversary this year. Each bottle comes with a vintage box package and the whole soft drink will run you just under $3.50 USD. Cool! If I had a shelf of collectibles, I’d want this to be on it (but unfortunately, I have no space in my room even for this thing).