Rapid drawing board A3

Rapid drawing box
Date of appearance: 1995 — 2010
Trademark: Rotring
Model: S0213910
Dimensions: 370 × 500 mm
Weight: g
Size: A3
Tags: featured

This Rotring product also has a product code of S0213910 This comprehensive technical drawing board comes with a range of features Robust board of unbreakable, non warping material Ergonomic design for easy, comfortable working Comes complete with rapid set square for drawing vertical, horizontal and angled lines Guide rails for permanently smooth straightedge movement Parallel straightedge with STOP and GO locking/unlocking action End lock on straightedge for added stability Includes tilters for comfortable working For sheet sizes up to 450 × 325mm Actual Board size 500mm x 370mm

Rapid drawing board A3