Spotmeter F

Light meter
Date of appearance: 1995 — 2010
Trademark: Minolta
Manufacturer: Minolta Co. Ltd
Made in: Japan
Dimensions: 150 × 89 × 48 mm
Weight: 240 g
Colors: black
Tags: featured

Minolta Spotmeter F is a light meter designed specifically for professionals and advanced amateurs and enables precise 1º spot measurements of both ambient and flash light. A full range of exposure information is shown in digital and analog form on external and viewfinder displays. Besides enabling reading of mid-tone areas, the Spotmeter F can calculate the correct exposure for highlight and shadow areas, as well calculate the average exposure from two readings. To monitor contrast and lighting conditions, the relative brightness of various parts of the scene can be quickly checked while looking through viewfinder. Powers with AA batteries, comes with the belt case, neck strap, and lens cap in the box.

Spotmeter F