Sapphire 3254

Date of appearance: 2014
Trademark: Moser
Designer: Studio IRDS, Czech Republic
Circulation: 30 pcs
Dimensions: 67 cm
Weight: g
Colors: aquamarine, aquamarine underlay with yellow opal
Tags: featured

design: 2014, Studio IRDS, Czech Republic the hand cut vase Sapphire presents an artistic paraphrase of the legendary jewel in a typical blue modification the interior colour optics of sapphires that jewellers appreciate so much are replayed here in dramatic silhouettes, whose deep cuts and sharp facets enable not only phenomenal optical refraction and reflection, but also a wide array of blue from the most intense in the base to the faintest at the final edges and points this monumental vase embodied in a solitary crystal is created through the implementation of the original sculptural idea and perfect Moser processing hand blown of ecologically friendly lead-free crystal hand cut and polished to a high gloss signed with the name of the artists and signed and numbered Certificate of Autheniticity is provided

Sapphire 3254