Date of appearance: 1400 — 1500
Made in: Italy
Dimensions: 280 mm
Weight: g
Materials: steel, leather strap
Tags: ready

A very rare composite Italian armet partly late XV century. With rounded one-piece skull with low keel-shaped comb pierced with a hole for a crest, the back of the skull extending to form a 'tail' of flattened triangular section with scrolled terminal and fitted with a replacement roundel, the front of the skull with riveted reinforce with deeply cusped inner edges, beaked visor (lifting-peg replaced) recessed to form a narrow vision slit and pierced with slotted and circular breaths, and extending on both sides over the pivot-hinges each with securing pin, later large hinged cheek-pieces or wrappers each with flanged lower edge pierced with small holes, secured by a pin-catch at the front, and by a leather strap and buckle at the back (some pitting overall).