Mignon Model 3

Date of appearance: 1913
Manufacturer: AEG (Allgemeine Elektricitäts-Gesellschaft)
Made in: Riga
Dimensions: 350 × 220 × 330 mm
Weight: 8.68 kg
Colors: black
Tags: 200keystrokes, polytech

For each type of roll belonged to a removable panel (letter box) with the available characters, which had to be clamped under a pointer in the Mignon typewriter. With his left hand, the pointer was passed over the character desired in each case. By coupled mechanics, the type roller set with the corresponding mark on the paper. By pressing the button imprint with his right hand the type roller printed the sign on the paper. With a second button could a space can be achieved. In Model 4, which was built in 1924, still was added a backspace. When you press the Backspace key, the car was transported back to a writing step to correct can.

Mignon Model 3
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Mignon model 3 service manual
Mignon model 3 service manual