Oliver 4

Date of appearance: 1900
Trademark: Oliver
Manufacturer: Oliver Typewriter Co.
Designer: Thomas Oliver
Made in: Chicago, USA
Dimensions: 350 × 350 × 360 mm
Weight: 10.725 kg
Colors: olive body with white keys
Tags: 200keystrokes, polytech, 360

The Oliver 3 was produced between 1900 and March 1907, while at the same time an identical Oliver 4 was produced with foreign keyboards for the export market. Oliver 4 with its inverted U-shaped type bars that swing down from two towers, the shape of the machine automatically focuses the typist on the couple of cms of text that are visible while writing. The Olive-green color is typical for the Oliver typewriter, although the earliest models (and some later export models) were produced with a nickel-plated frame. In 1903, the A. Greger company of Vienna acquired the rights to produce the Oliver 3 in Austria, using the Courier brandname. Earlier they had made courier bicycles and sewing machines. The Courier was largely produced and assembled in Austria. And when the Oliver company moved on to later models, Courier continued production of the model based on the Oliver 3, but with some modifications and improvements. Production stopped in 1919, but apparently sales continued until 1927.

Oliver 4
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