Munson 2

Date of appearance: 1890 — 1899
Trademark: Munson
Manufacturer: Munson Typewriter Co.
Designer: James Munson
Made in: Chicago, USA
Weight: g
Colors: black
Tags: 200keystrokes, polytech

The Munson 2 is the machine that was re-released after a couple of years as the Chicago typewriter. It was a covered version of the Munson 1, a machine introduced in 1890 of which the mechanism was virtually identical to that of the later Chicago. The Munson was designed by S. Siefried and James Munson of New York. The machine was produced in a factory in Chicago, owned by Fred and Louis Munson. The Munson 2 had a horizontal type sleeve with the hammer that struck the paper from behind to push it against the sleeve, similar to the Hammond. Before the machine could be used, the typist would have to slide the rail holding the hammer out to the left to bring the hammer into position. The Munson company produced the machine until 1897, when the patents for the machine were sold to Edgar Hill of Chicago who took up production of the Chicago typewriter.

Munson 2
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