sun and dragonflies

Postage stamp
Date of appearance: 1923
Designer: M. Yoshizaki
Made in: Japan
Weight: g

c. 1923, part of Earthquake Emergency Series "The Great Kanto Earthquake of 1923 destroyed the warehouses of the Printing Bureau and Communications Ministry (the current Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications). The equipment necessary for producing stamps and most of the stamps which had been stored were lost. As an emergency measure to make up for the shortage of stamps, the government consigned production of stamps to a private corporation. This corporation produced stamps known as the 'Earthquake stamps.' The stamps did not have perforations or glue, but a watermark called the 'earthquake watermark' was used. The Printing Bureau was reconstructed much sooner than expected and the earthquake stamps were abolished on April 30, 1925." —Evolution of Japanese Stamps

sun and dragonflies
Image: Karen Horton