Date of appearance: 2015
Trademark: Andrea Crews
Weight: g
Materials: Felt - 100% wool, Black Oil - 45% wool, 43% polyamide, 12% polyester
Colors: black, white, black oil

This season, Andrea Crews mixed the Race and Rave themes, two subcultures reclaiming middle class origins and popular in remote provinces. Boys and girls, dressed in sci-fi tracksuits, branded bombers and safety-orange accessories, drive for hours through the countryside looking for the next rave party. The highway is their playing field ; they wear coats covered in faux tires marks and rubber touch fabrics. From chrome plated textiles to flame motives, applied on poncho capes, sweatshirts and oversized pieces ; Andrea Crews signs a tribute to the Tuning Culture. Directly inspired by its four-wheel best friend, the racer-raver gang feels silver like its hubcaps, black like petroleum and bold like industrial techno music. It is the resurgence of the little yobbo fantasy. Scars, shaved heads and off physiques are no longer flaws but give the characters a certain thickness, a form of sex-appeal flirting with danger. Our party animals, dressed in couture jumpers, confront working class charisma and tailoring sophistication. They live on the fringe of society, driven by theyr newly acquired freedom, adding miles to their car odometer.