Frolio 7

Date of appearance: 1924
Trademark: Gundka Werke
Designer: Paul Muchajer
Manufacturer: Gundka Werke GmbH
Made in: Brandenburg, Germany
Dimensions: 310 × 120 × 230 mm
Weight: g
Colors: black
Tags: 200keystrokes, polytech, 360

One index pointer, two shift buttons, one space key and a type wheel were all that German designer Paul Muchajer needed to produce his small index machine. The machine appeared in 1924 and was a considerable success. According to one source, more than 80,000 of these machines were built. The Gundka is a machine with many names, but just one face. The machine appeared as the G&K, the Frolio, Scripta, Perlita, Write-Easy, M-W and Gefro. There were quite a few different models with minor differences.

Frolio 7
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