LilyPad Arduino Main Board

Arduino development board
Date of appearance: 2007
Trademark: LilyPad
Microcontroller: ATmega168
Dimensions: 50 mm
Weight: g
Tags: open, hardware

The LilyPad Arduino Main Board is a small sewable computer. It can be stitched to fabric and connected to other electronic pieces with conductive thread. This LilyPad board has 22 pins — the silver petal-like tabs that ring the outside of the board — twice as many as any other LilyPad Arduino. Each of these pins, with the exception of (+) and (-), can control an attached input or output device (like a light, motor, or switch). This board is based on the ATmega168V microcontroller. The microcontroller is the black square in the center of the board (top view). You can program this LilyPad board using the Arduino programming environment.

LilyPad Arduino Main Board
Pinout diagram