LilyPad Arduino SimpleSnap

Arduino development board
Date of appearance: 2012
Trademark: LilyPad
Designer: L. Buechley, N. Seidle, J. Lindblom
Dimensions: 50 mm
Weight: g
Thin: 0.8 mm PCB
Tags: open, hardware

LilyPad Arduino SimpleSnap (DEV-10941) The SimpleSnap board is similar to the LilyPad Simple board, and has the same functionality except for two major differences: A built-in rechargeable Lithium Polymer battery and female snap connectors. By adding fabric snaps to the board, LilyPad’s made it possible to connect this board to the SimpleSnap Protoboard or simply an arrangement of sew-on fabric snaps so that the board is removable from your project for washing or so that multiple projects can share a board!

LilyPad Arduino SimpleSnap