Spice Cam

Instant film camera
Date of appearance: 1997
Trademark: Polaroid
Manufacturer: Polaroid Corporation
Film: Polaroid 600 Pack Film, ASA 680
Dimensions: 127 × 101.6 × 127 mm
Weight: 1.36 kg
Colors: black, blue, pink
Tags: featured

Introduced in 1997 during the heyday of British pop girl group Spice Girls, the Polaroid 600 Spice Cam was one of a number of special editions that Polaroid released in the 90s. This type of 600 camera has an updated rounded body with a 106mm lens and a a mauve, dark grey and pink color scheme. Easy-to-use, it features a built-in electronic flash, close-up adaptor and a lighten/darken exposure control on the front, as well as an adjustable hand strap for easy carrying.

Spice Cam
Polaroid 600 Spice Girls (5).jpg