Date of appearance: 1887
Manufacturer: Automatic Typewriter Co.
Designer: E. M. Hamilton
Made in: Brooklyn, New York, USA
Originally Sold For: $65
Weight: g
Tags: typewriter

The Automatic typewriter is an exquisitely made machine, being made mostly of brass, with the quality and look of a fine scientific instrument. It is a masterpiece of 19th century American typewriter manufacturing. This typewriter has proportional spacing, with the letters and characters automatically spaced correctly by a variable movement of the carriage, each character causing the carriage to move a distance equal to its own width, plus the space between the characters. In fact three different widths or varying carriage movements are used to accommodate all of the characters. It is clear that this notable ability of the Automatic typewriter is the source for the typewriters name. However the Automatic does not have a shift key and types only in capitals. The spacebar is positioned behind the keys, with the word AUTOMATIC beautifully embossed on it. No other typewriter ever had its spacebar positioned there and for good reason, as it would have been quite awkward to move ones fingers up to activate the spacebar while typing.

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