Blickensderfer 5

Date of appearance: 1893
Manufacturer: Blickensderfer Mfg. Co.
Designer: George Blickensderfer
Made in: Stamford, Connecticut, USA
Originally Sold For: $40
Weight: g
Tags: typewriter

Compact, effective and very successful, the “Blick” became the first truly portable keyboard typewriter. The Blickensderfer has no type-bars but uses a cylindrical type-element instead (shown below). The type-element is interchangeable, allowing for numerous font styles. A small felt roller attached to a spring-loaded arm, positioned under the type-element, does the inking. This example was sold by the Creelman Bros, of Georgetown, Ontario, Canada. "The Blickensderfer Typewriter excels in all classes of work, and is the "one thing" desirable for gentlemen of literary or scientific pursuits."

Blickensderfer 5
Blickensderfer 5 (
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