Calligraph 2

Date of appearance: 1882
Manufacturer: American Writing Machine Co.
Made in: New York, USA
Originally Sold For: $85
Weight: g
Tags: typewriter

The Caligraph 2 was the first typewriter to be produced with a double keyboard. With no shift key, a double keyboard was needed: black keys for uppercase characters and white keys for lowercase. A Scientific American article (March 1886) about the Caligraph, presented the perceived advantage of the double keyboard by stating 'Up to 1881, when the American Writing Machine Company introduced the Caligraph, double case writing machines were incomplete, being so constructed as to compel the operator to shift the carriage by a gratuitous stroke for capital letters and figures. The Caligraph prints each character in both capitals and small letters at a single finger stroke.' Many other double keyboard typewriters would follow. "GREATEST SPEED ON RECORD!! T. W. Osborne wrote 179 words in one single minute, and G. A. McBride wrote 129 words in a single minute, Blindfolded, on the Caligraph."

Calligraph 2
Calligraph 2 (
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