Columbia 1

Date of appearance: 1885
Manufacturer: Columbia Typewriter Co.
Designer: Charles Spiro
Made in: New York, USA
Originally Sold For: $30
Weight: g
Tags: typewriter

This beautiful little machine was the first typewriter invented by Charles Spiro, a New York watchmaker, mechanical inventor, and lawyer who went on to create other superb typewriters including the Bar-Lock (seen in this collection). It is notable to mention that Mr. Spiro, at age 16, in his father’s watch shop invented the stem setter and winder for watches. Before this invention, watches had separate keys that were inserted into the front or back of the watch for this purpose. Mr. Spiro built the key right into the watch and for doing so received the large sum of $4,000 for the patent. To operate, the black handle rotates the pointer on the dial to select a character and then is pushed down to print. One end of the pointer is for lower case and the other end is for uppercase characters. This typewriter originally sold for $30.00, much less than the $60 to $100 for a keyboard typewriter.

Columbia 1
Columbia 1 (
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