Crandall 1

Date of appearance: 1883
Manufacturer: Crandall Typewriter Co.
Designer: Lucien S. Crandall
Made in: Blodgett Mills, New York, USA
Weight: g
Tags: typewriter

This beautiful Crandall 1 typewriter features a rich, hand painted, Baroque style decoration (see detail below) with square nickel rimmed glass keys. This Crandall, with serial number 125, is the second earliest Crandall 1 known. This was the first typewriter to use a single type-element (no type bars) -- well before IBM's Selectric typewriter of 1961 with its ‘Golf ball’ spherical type-element. Like the Selectric, the Crandall’s cylindrical type-element could easily be changed to type with a different font style.

Crandall 1
Crandall 1 (
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