Date of appearance: 1892
Manufacturer: Liberty Manufacturing Co.
Designer: Joseph Edland
Made in: New York, USA
Originally Sold For: $5
Weight: g
Tags: typewriter

Joseph Edland stated his objective was "to produce a type-writer of few parts which is specially adapted for private use, and which may be easily and correctly operated by one who is not familiar with type-writering". This would have been a most appropriate user, as the Edland is awkward and very slow to use. To type on this intriguing typewriter, one moves the index pointer around to a character and then pushes down. Under the index plate is a daisy wheel (pictured below) with each character on a flexible brass 'finger'. These fingers are pushed to the paper when typing. The Edland is made of a weak lead alloy and is painted in gold lacquer to give it a more refined look.

Edland (antiquetypewriters.com)
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