Date of appearance: 1895
Manufacturer: Ford Typewriter Co.
Designer: Eugene Ford
Made in: New York, USA
Originally Sold For: $85
Weight: g
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The Ford is a most impressive typewriter with its ornate victorian grille and gracefully integrated keyboard. (There is no connection to the Ford motor Company.) The Ford is a lateral thrust typewriter, where the type bars are spread out in a fan like configuration, with the typebars moving straight forwards to strike the platen. The Ford typewriter broke new ground in being the first typewriter to use the new metal ‘aluminum’ in its construction. The Ford typewriter was invented by Eugene A Ford (1866 - 1948), a man with a very distinguished career. Ford worked with Herman Hollerith, director of the United States Census, and founder of the Tabulating Machine Company. Hollerith created the first mechanical, punched card data processing equipment that would revolutionize the collecting and disseminating of information for the US Census. It was first used to full effect during the 1890s census and saved two years off the time required to count the data manually! It was during this time that Ford worked on his typewriter, receiving a patent in 1892 and putting the typewriter on the market in 1895. Ford would work with IBM for the rest of his career, becoming chief development engineer in IBM’s New York laboratories in 1911. He would continue to develop and patent many improvements to punched card accounting machines, sorters, and counter devices. We are fortunate that Eugene Ford turned his attention to typewriters in his early years.

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