Hall 1 Braille Writer

Date of appearance: 1892
Manufacturer: Munson Typewriter Co.
Designer: Harrison & Seifried
Made in: Chicago, USA
Weight: g
Tags: typewriter

The Hall Braille-writer shown here is serial no. 25 and is only one of two known surviving examples (no. 77 also survives) from the first batch of 100 Hall Braille-writers made. This machine came out of the estate of the son of Theodore C. Leutz. Leutz was a violinist before he lost his eyesight. He was born and lived in America from 1877 until 1954. He was very much involved in helping the blind and I am honored to have his Braille-writer in my collection.

Hall 1 Braille Writer
Hall 1 Braille Writer (antiquetypewriters.com)
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