Date of appearance: 1882
Manufacturer: Guhl & Harbeck
Designer: Andrew Hanson
Made in: Hamburg, Germany
Weight: g
Tags: typewriter

The Hammonia was the first European typewriter to be produced in any numbers; however, this machine is scarce today. This example with English writing was exported to their agent for Canada It was invented by Andrew Hanson of London and covered by a British patent in 1882. H. A. Guhl of Hamburg protected it the following year with a German Patent and produced it in his sewing machine factory. The long brass blade has the characters cut out along the bottom edge (see image below). To type one lifts the blade and moves it back and forth to select a character, then one pushes the black wooden handle straight down, somewhat like a cheese slicer, onto the paper.

Hammonia (antiquetypewriters.com)
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