Date of appearance: 1896
Manufacturer: The Hartford Typewriter Co.
Designer: John M. Fairfield
Made in: Hartford, Connecticut, USA
Originally Sold For: $50
Weight: g
Tags: typewriter

Invented by John M. Fairfield, the Hartford typewriter is a beautifully made and intriguing machine. The Hartford has some very interesting design features, of which the most apparent is an extended base for the levers that connect the keys to the type-bars. Upon inspection the reason for this odd design becomes apparent. With other typewriters the vertical key stems (metal rods that supports the key tops) are connected to the levers underneath in different positions, depending on which row the keys are in. With the Hartford, all of the key stems are connected to the front of these levers. So each row of keys, moving from the front to back, causes the levers underneath to be positioned further and further into the rear of the typewriter. This creates the extended base and the distinctive look of the Hartford. The advantage in this design is that each key, with the fulcrum in the same place for all of the connecting levers, has the same feel. "Compared with the Hartford, no other typewriter is up to date."

Hartford (antiquetypewriters.com)
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