Keystone 1

Date of appearance: 1899
Manufacturer: Keystone Typewriter Co.
Made in: Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, USA
Originally Sold For: $35
Weight: g
Tags: typewriter

This beautiful typewriter uses a swinging type-sector shaped like a partial wagon wheel instead of type-bars. The characters are molded onto the outside surface of the swinging-sector, which is rotated into position with the depression of a key, whereupon a spring-driven hammer strikes from behind. As a result, the paper is preloaded into a cylindrical holder, behind the platen, and unrolls up and out when one types. The swinging type-sector could be easily changed for different font styles. There are two shift keys on the left, giving three functions to each key, allowing for three not four rows of keys. The Keystone was a comparatively low priced keyboard machine, selling for just $35.00.

Keystone 1
Keystone 1 (
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