Date of appearance: 1884
Manufacturer: McLoughlin Bros. Inc.
Made in: New York, USA
Originally Sold For: $10.00
Weight: g
Tags: typewriter

Little information is known about the McLoughlin Brothers Typewriter. It appeared on the market in 1884 for $10 and was intended for both children and adults. Therefore the McLoughlin Brothers typewriter has the distinction of being the first typewriter marketed for children; however, it is built solidly from cast iron and machined parts making it a contemporary to the few other adult index typewriters that had appeared by this early date for manufactured typewriters. Over the next fifteen years, many different index typewriters for adults would come to market, along with many sheet metel, lesser quality, children’s index typewriters. To type, the handle is rotated to select a character. Then the handle is depressed, causing the whole spring loaded carriage assembly to sink down, bringing the type-wheel (shown below) into contact with the paper. Inking is accomplished with two felt rollers. Here is a colorful description to use the McLoughlin Brothers Typewriter from its manual. 'The method of printing is so simple that a child can operate it with-out instruction, as the movement is similar to the hand organ, as you simply turn the crank and grind out the words by the yard if necessary.'

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