Date of appearance: 1892
Manufacturer: The Geo. Salter & Co.
Designer: James S. Foley
Made in: West Bromwich, England
Originally Sold For: 8 pounds 8 shillings
Weight: g
Tags: typewriter

The Salter typewriter is a gorgeous example of a Victorian mechanical design with its elegant form, a sense of whimsy and gold decorative motifs. The Geo. Salter & Co. of West Bromwich patented their typewriter in 1892 and began manufacturing in 1896. Model 5 was the first designated model number that they used. As with other early typewriters, model 1 was quite often skipped to give the impression that the typewriter was proven and successful. The Salter Co. were well known at the time as the makers of spring scales and in particular penny scales, which were a common feature in train stations and other public areas. Today, the Salter Company is the largest maker of British scales.

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