Date of appearance: 1889
Manufacturer: Tilton Mfg. Co.
Made in: Boston, USA
Originally Sold For: $15
Weight: g
Tags: typewriter

The Victor was the world’s first ‘daisy-wheel’ typewriter. The daisy-wheel would become a standard feature on the electric typewriters of the 1970s. The Victor's daisy wheel has thin brass spokes radiating from a hub like a bicycle wheel with an embossed rubber character on the end of each spoke. With an index finger one swings the pointer to select a character. A gear on the other end of the pointer turns the vertical wheel that holds the daisy-wheel and moves the character into position. A rod then pushes the character on the end of a flexible spoke against the paper. The third image shows the daisy wheel with its brass spokes and little hardened rubber characters positioned on the end of each. "The points of excellence in the Victor are so manifest that the manufacturers will forward a machine for examination before purchase by express COD on receipt of $1:00."

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