Yost 1

Date of appearance: 1887
Manufacturer: Yost Writing Machine Co.
Designer: George W. N. Yost
Made in: New York, USA
Originally Sold For: $100
Weight: g
Tags: typewriter

The Yost typewriter was the invention of George Yost, one of the key pioneers in the emergence of the first manufactured typewriters. "No ribbon, Direct printing, permanent alignment." This line from a 1890 display ad clearly states the two principles that Yost felt were most important to incorporate into the design of his typing machine -- direct printing and accurate alignment. Inking is done by a felt pad positioned in a full circle around the top of the tower where the type-bars rest. The type-bars travel an intricate half-flip upwards to reach the platen and then are channeled, by an inverse pyramid shaped guide hole, to strike the platen in exactly the same spot every time, giving the accurate alignment that Yost demanded. "If you would understand its rapid march into popularity, and why it is head and shoulders above the patched up models of other style machines, send for our handsome illustrated catalogue ."

Yost 1
Yost 1 (antiquetypewriters.com)
Yost 1 (antiquetypewriters.com)
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