GTV 300

Date of appearance: 2016
Trademark: Vespa, Piaggio
Product Line: Vespa 946
Manufacturer: Piaggio & Co. SpA
Made in: Italy
Weight: kg
Materials: chrome wheels
Colors: Metallic Grey
Tags: vespa, gtv, piaggio, abs, asr

- ABS braking system on both front and rear wheels. - ASR (Anti Slip Regulation). It uses the ABS electronics and sensors to compare the wheel speed rotation of the two wheels to keep you from slipping. Very hi-tech! - New style fork, with less dive during front braking and a much nicer ride overall. - Larger under seat storage to fit bigger helmets and more cargo. - Restyled RED seat, more comfortable and stylish. - USB phone charging port inside the glove box. Uses the standard USB cable that’s included with any phone, GPS or digital camera. - New horn cover with aggressive chrome grill design. - Battery cover center mat with “Vespa” embossed on it. - Restyled tail light with new chrome trim. - New fuel injection ECU system.

GTV 300