Type 506

Electric Scooter
Date of appearance: 2016
Trademark: Čezeta
Designer: J. F. Koch
Constructor: Neil Eamonn Smith
Made in: Czech Republic
Product code: Type 506/01
Dimensions: 200 cm
Weight: 145 kg
Materials: Steel monocoque body shell, Leather saddle
Colors: Sky blue, Cream, Red
Power: standard 6kW (peak 9kW), option 8kW (peak 11kW)
Speed: 85km/h (standard), 95km/h (high­power option)
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After half a century without production, Čezeta is re-announcing itself, this time however as a luxury electric scooter. Thrilling performance, quality materials and high tech accessories are the main benefits of the new Type 506. For 2016, Čezeta plan to manufacture approximately 800 bikes in the Czech Republic. The Čezeta 506 continues the development from the types 501 and 502, which thanks to their monocoque construction and eye-catching design of their constructor J. F Koch enjoyed enormous success throughout the world in the 1950s and 1960s, selling over 100,000 bikes. Thanks to its peak 11kW electric motor, the Čezeta 506 can reach a top speed of 95km/h and has a range up to 200km (with battery pack option for 10kWh). “Charging of the 5kWh standard pack lasts about 4.5 hours and we are working on a fast charge system that will charge the battery completely in 25 minutes” says Neil Eamonn Smith, constructor of the new Čezeta and the battery pack. Apart from zero emissions and minimal operating expenses, the Čezeta 506 uses new technologies – for example the option to control performance with a mobile App. Thanks to its silent operation, it is possible to ride and listen to music through its built-in Bluetooth speakers. More information at cezeta.com

Type 506