Date of appearance: 2016
Issuer: Moscow Metro
Manufacturer: JSC Mikron
Made in: Moscow, Russia
Introductory price: from 50 Rubles
Dimensions: 85 × 54 mm
Weight: g
Materials: cardboard
Colors: red, white
Keywords: metro, ticket, moscow
Tags: moscowmetroticket, московскийтранспорт, metro

The Moscow Metro ticket Ediniy (rus. the Single) allows to travel on the Metro, monorail, bus, trolleybus or tram. One trip by this ticket equals to one pass on any form of transport. The ticket is valid on the entire territory of Moscow, including the Zone B. The validity of the Ediniy ticket on 1-2 trip is 5 days including the day of sale. The validity of the Ediniy ticket on 20-60 trips is 90 days from the date of sale. The RFID tickets contain developed by Mikron chip MIK64PTAS (K5016XC1H4) made using 180nm topology with 640 bits of programmable memory. Guaranteed information storage period is 5 years. The chip is fully compliant with ISO 14443A: sensing range of the card is not more than 10 cm from the surface of the terminal equipment and a standard reading time is not more than 1 second. The protection against forgery provides by a unique 7-byte serial number that is assigned on the hardware level to the IC of the ticket at the stage of its manufacturing.

The Mikron MIK64PTAS chip