Hammond Multiplex

Date of appearance: 1913
Trademark: Hammond
Manufacturer: Hammond Typewriter Co.
Made in: New York, USA
Weight: g
Tags: typewriter, polytech, 2a, 2afin

On a cast-iron stand following main units of the machine are assembled: three-row straight keyboard, characters cylinder carrier rotating around vertical axis; carriage with rubber-coated roller of 200 mm length; gauze cylinder for paper and wire reading desk. Rubber shuttle carrier for characters of Russian and Latin alphabets; number of typing symbols in three cases ⎯ 90.
 A printing process is realized due to impacts of small hammers over the paper. Keyboard contains 30 keys with symbols of Russian and Latin alphabets. Printing mechanism is under the metal cover enameled black. The machine is kept and transported in an encasement.

Hammond Multiplex