Whoopi Double Black

Date of appearance: 2012
Trademark: Pleathure
Manufacturer: Pleathure
Designer: Natalie Lyutrovnik
Made in: Russia
Dimensions: 45 × 22 × 45 mm
Weight: 700 g
Materials: leather
Colors: black
Keywords: backpacks, pleathure
Tags: pleathure, backpack, leather, russia, black, handmade, featured

Pleathure is creative leather backpack, that was invented by Natalie Lyutrovnik in 2012. Zipper is placed on a backpack’s inner side, it allows you to feel city-safety. The shape of Pleathure backpacks resembles the parachute pack. It decrease the pressure on your shoulders and corrects the posture. All the backpacks are handmade from natural leather with the pocket for laptop, key strap, compartment for the docs and small gadgets The concept of Pleathure backpacks is to create a dream backpack by yourself. Everyone can became a designer, choose the color of the bag and strap.

Whoopi Double Black