BH-2 Food Refrigerator from the MIR Station

Date of appearance: 1988
Developer: VNIEKIProdmash
Manufacturer: VNIEKIProdmash
Made in: Moscow, USSR
Dimensions: 605 × 630 × 610 mm
Weight: 42.5 kg
Materials: metal, plastic, rubber, fabric
Tags: cosmos, birthofnewage, polytech, space

The BH-2 refrigerator was designed to store food on the orbital stations Salyut and Mir. In order to lower the temperature inside the refrigerator unit, the excess heat is driven away into space. To achieve this, the heat exchanger is placed on the outside wall of the shadow side of the ship. In the first manned spacecraft, astronauts ate out of the tubes, which contained meat, fruit and vegetable puree. There was no necessity for the long-term storage of food. For longer expeditions of the orbital stations, the improved diets were developed (for example, borsch soup, rassolnik soup or the stew with vegetables). However, the cargo ships would deliver the parcels from family members to the astronauts, some of them containing natural food. Therefore, it became necessary to have an onboard refrigerator. BH-2 has five compartments. To prevent the food from "floating" into space when opening the lid of the refrigerator, the fabric strips with hooks were added to the design.

BH-2 Food Refrigerator from the MIR Station
Front with open lid
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Handle with the lock
Fragment of the inner side of the lid
Connection ports