Anchor Wrench

Date of appearance: 1970 — 1979
Manufacturer: VNIISMI
Made in: Khimki, USSR
Dimensions: 130 × 600 × 215 mm
Weight: 335 g
Materials: steel
Colors: chrome
Tags: cosmos, birthofnewage, polytech, space

Due to zero gravity, even the simplest tools in space become impossible to use. For example, if an astronaut tries to hit something with a hammer he will be quickly thrown back. If he tries to turn the screw, he will be rotating in the opposite direction, and the screw will not even turn. To solve these problems, a special space tool has been developed, as well as a set of procedures regulating the work in space. Firstly, all of the orbital stations are equipped with special fastening for feet, both fixed and portable. They allow the astronauts to achieve the support needed at work. Secondly, special hammers, screwdrivers, and pliers were built at the Research Institute of the power tools construction, allowing astronauts to work comfortably in the conditions of zero gravity. For example, the hammer was hollow inside, and it contained metal balls. In action, they bounced back and compensated the rebound effect: as if the hammer would be stuck to the wall. Screwdrivers were fitted with special extensions to ensure the perfect fit to the bolt head. Their handles were attached perpendicular to the axis of rotation, which allowed the astronauts to use greater force. Recently, a special semi-automatic tool was developed for more advanced operations in space. One of these was used in the repair at the Hubble space telescope in 2009.

Anchor Wrench