Air Regeneration Unit of Voskhod Spacecraft

Part of spacecraft
Date of appearance: 1963 — 1964
Manufacturer: Nauka Factory
Made in: Moscow, USSR
Dimensions: 740 × 430 × 310 mm
Weight: 12.15 kg
Materials: metal, plastic, rubber
Colors: white
Tags: cosmos, birthofnewage, polytech, space

This unit was part of the system that ensured that the atmosphere inside the ship was suitable for breathing. This required the removal of the excess moisture, carbon dioxide and other gaseous products of human activity. Since it accommodated three cosmonauts instead of one, the system of Voskhod featured more performance capability than the one on Vostok (180 liters per minute versus 50). For refilling of the oxygen supply on the ship, there were reserves of alkali metal superoxides on board which in reaction to the moist air produced oxygen and alkali that, in turn, absorbed the excess of carbon dioxide. To ensure the entire process, a large system was required with automatic valves and sensors which could monitor the oxygen levels. Moreover, only a part of the moisture was removed during the regeneration process, so the system was equipped with additional dryers based on silica gel and activated carbon. All this equipment was assembled in two single units. In addition to these, the air-conditioning and temperature control system included two more: the air control unit and the temperature maintenance unit.

Air Regeneration Unit of Voskhod Spacecraft
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