Balloon-borne Sounder of Vega Mission

Scale model
Date of appearance: 1984
Developer: NPO Lavochkin
Manufacturer: NPO Lavochkin
Made in: Khimki, USSR
Scale: 1:1
Dimensions: 1.9 × 0.7 m
Weight: 94 kg
Materials: steel, acrylic
Colors: orange
Tags: cosmos, birthofnewage, polytech, space, translate

Part of the aerostatic complex of the «Vega» automatic interplanetary station: container with a lid for packing a parachute and a «gondola» for scientific equipment. The virtually identical «Vega-1» and «Vega-2» stations were developed by the design bureau of the Lavochkin machine-building plant in Khimki. They got their unusual name due to the uniqueness of their twofold mission: the stations were to deliver two units to Venus (the lander and the aerostatic complex) and then to have a rendezvous with Halley’s comet, which they had to photograph and hold a series of measurements of its environment. The «Vega-2» program was fully completed. For some unknown reason, the shock sensors of «Vega-1» were triggered at an altitude of 3 km above the surface of Venus, which activated the mechanism of soil sampling and analysis. So, this part of the mission was not fulfilled. The aerostatic probe drifted at an altitude of 54 km during 45.5 hours and transmitted to Earth scientific data on the atmosphere of Venus.

Balloon-borne Sounder of Vega Mission
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