ORM-1 Rocket Engine

Scale model
Date of appearance: 1930 — 1931
Developer: GDL (Gas Dynamics Laboratory)
Manufacturer: OKB-465 (now NPO Energomash)
Designer: Friedrich Zander
Made in: Khimki, USSR
Scale: 1:1
Dimensions: 370 × 200 × 410 mm
Weight: 16.62 kg
Materials: steel, copper
Colors: black
Tags: cosmos, birthofnewage, polytech, space

The ORM-1 rocket engine was developed between 1929 and 1932 by Friedrich Arturovich Zander, the inventor, the student and colleague of Konstantin Tsiolkovsky. He was also the supporter of Tsiolkovsky’s theory of interplanetary flights and rocket engines. OR-1 was created on the basis of a blowtorch, which had to be retrofitted with a special nozzle. The engine ran on a mixture of compressed air with gasoline and developed a thrust of up to 145 gf. Later Zander built a much more sophisticated OR-2, which already at that time used liquid oxygen and had project thrust of 50 kgf. Both engines remained experimental, but Zander’s work formed a basis for building the Project 10 engine, designed for the first Soviet GIRD-X missile. Its launch took place on November 25, 1933. Unfortunately, Zander did not live up to this: he died of typhus almost a year before that.

ORM-1 Rocket Engine