ORM-65 Rocket Engine

Scale model
Date of appearance: 1936
Developer: RNII-3 (ex GDL)
Manufacturer: OKB-465 (now NPO Energomash)
Designer: Valentin Glushko
Made in: Leningrad, USSR
Dimensions: 310 × 220 × 470 mm
Weight: 10.86 kg
Materials: steel
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The ORM-65 engine was developed in 1936 at the Jet Propulsion Research Institute (RNII-3) led by Valentin Glushko. In a series of 102 engines, the ORM-65 was the most successful version. It was equipped with a pyrotechnic ignition system, and it functioned on a mixture of nitric acid and kerosene. Its maximum thrust amounted to 175 kgf. The engine was designed for use in the RP-318 rocket-powered aircraft, as well as in the ballistic missile 212. After the bench tests (1936−1938) and the flight tests (1939), the ORM-65 was established as one of the most successful Soviet engines of its time, despite the fact that in the final version of RP-318 it was replaced by his modified successor RDA-1−150.

ORM-65 Rocket Engine