Twin Famicom

Game console
Date of appearance: 1986
Trademark: Nintendo, Sharp
Manufacturer: Sharp Corporation
Made in: Japan
Colors: Orange, black, red
Generation: Third generation (8-bit era)
Main Processor: Ricoh 2A03 at 1.79 MHz
RAM: 2 KB work RAM, 2 KB video RAM, 32 KB work RAM in FDS mode, 8 KB video RAM in FDS mode
ROM: FDS BIOS and 60-pin "cassette" (cartridge) slot
Graphics: Ricoh 2C02; 256×240 pixels, 64 sprites, can display 25 colors out of 53
Photo: Evan Amos
Tags: nintendo, sharp

The Twin Famicom (ツインファミコン Tsuinn Famikon?) was produced by Sharp Corporation in 1986, and was only released in Japan. It is a licensed Nintendo product which combines the Family Computer (Famicom) and the Family Computer Disk System (FDS) into a single piece of hardware.

Twin Famicom